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Satisfied Car Match Customers Say:

Lexus RX350 beside satisfied customer "Car Match listened to my family's needs for a new car and recommended two models that met our requirements and fit our price range. Based on Car Match's advice, we purchased a Lexus RX350. We love our RX350 and it fits our needs perfectly. Car Match saved us tons of hassle and time researching and test driving the many SUVs that are available."
Colin L., New York, NY
  " My family was expanding and my daughter was having a hard time climbing into our SUV. The minivans out there offer a host of features, and I was having problems picking the right one. Car Match's report explained why the Honda Odyssey was best for me. I'm happy and it's serving me well."
– Andrea S., Summit, NJ

Black Saab 9-2X Aero "I was looking for a reliable but sporty used car that could fit all of my kite surfing gear. I turned to Car Match for help, and they lead me to my pre-owned Saab 9-2X Aero. The car is perfect for my unique needs and the conditions I often drive in. Car Match was efficient, simple and fast. Highly recommended!"
Charlie B., Portland, ME

Acura MDX beside satisfied customer "During the course of juggling a move into a new house and new job with 2 kids, I had no time to put into the critical research required to choose the right car for my family. I was overwhelmed with the options and had no time to narrow down the decision. Car Match simply listened to what I was looking for and guided us to our perfect vehicle – within tight timelines and for the price we were looking for. We absolutely love our new Acura MDX, and I was so impressed with Car Match's expertise and service that I had no hesitation using them again to choose my Jeep Sahara as a second vehicle. I cannot imagine purchasing a vehicle any other way!"
Marshall P., Vancouver, Canada

  "My old SUV had begun to develop problem after problem, and was quickly dying. With a growing family, I needed a good replacement fast. I gave Car Match my requirements and three great models were recommended, including the new Dodge Durango. The styling is a little masculine, but I listed that as low on my priority list. It provides exactly what I'm looking for in a functional family vehicle. My family and I really enjoy its many features and comfortable accommodations. Thank you Car Match for making choosing a new SUV easy!"
– Andrea B., Chatham, NJ

Black Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen TDI with satisfied customer inside "We needed a new car to haul our newborn son and all of his stuff, but my wife hates tall cars, so SUVs were out. We were busy with baby-related activities and didn't have much time to do research, so we turned to Car Match. Our Car Buying Advice Report suggested several models that would suit us, and we ended up buying Car Match's top recommendation, the Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen. After several months of ownership, we couldn't be happier with our choice."
– Sandro O., Jersey City, NJ

Car Match car buyer giving thumbs up next to her Nissan Rogue. "I don't particularly care about cars, but I had specific requirements and a limited budget for a new car. Car Match quickly weeded out the unsuitable models and helped me settle on my new Nissan Rogue. A very helpful service."
Elizabeth, L., Ottawa, Canada