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Our in-house experts regularly test new car models and additionally monitor auto journalist reviews, social media and enthusiast and owner forums to stay abreast of the latest developments in the car market. Our team makes certain that all Car Match advisors are up to date with respect to the capabilities, performance and pricing of all new and used car, SUV and truck models. Here are some of the many factors Car Match's team takes into consideration in making its recommendations:

  • Trim / Option Packages - Car Match keeps abreast of various trim packages and options available on car models and clearly advises you on which trim / package you should buy to get the options that you want.

  • Safety – Car Match keeps track of the latest safety / crash tests (by the agencies listed below) and incorporates analysis of these tests in your results.
    • Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
    • Euro New Car Assessment Program (where applicable to US models)
    • US Federal Government's New Car Assessment Program conducted by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration

  • Fuel Economy - Car Match follows surveys of real world fuel economy, including those on, because the EPA fuel economy figures on window sticker are easily gamed by manufacturers.

  • Cost of Ownership – Car Match tracks maintenance costs and depreciation to understand the total long-term cost of ownership.

  • Real World Testing – Car Match tests cars the way real people use their cars, including the following:
    • Child Car Seat Testing – Car Match tests cars for compatibility / fit of child seats.
    • Large Individuals – Car Match tests how large / tall people fit into cars (something that is not necessarily reflected in commonly published interior space / volume figures).

  • Press - Car Match follows most major auto journals, magazines, online blogs and press – and incorporates their findings into Car Match's analysis and recommendations.

  • Platform Sharing – Car Match studies each model carefully to ensure that you are getting good value and are on the right side of the platform sharing equation.

  • Pricing - Car Match tracks MSRP and incentives and rebates, as well as real-world pricing of both new and used cars.

  • Reliability – Car Match follows multiple measures of reliability, including car / model specific internet forums, where real-world users often report problems well before they are caught by traditional press and consumer research companies. Additionally, Car Match factors the findings of the following consumer research companies / press into its recommendations:
    • Consumer Reports™
    • JD Power™
    • True Delta™

  • New vs. Used – It's often difficult to determine whether a new or used model best meets your needs within your budget. If you indicate that you're interested in both new and used models, Car Match incorporates a new/used analysis into its recommendations.

  • Technology - Automotive technology has shifted rapidly in recent years as a result of the demand for in-car information technology and increased automotive regulation and fuel prices (driving the implementation of efficiency enhancing, but sometimes troublesome technology, including direct injection and turbocharging). Car Match helps you understand which manufacturer's implementation of these technologies is reliable and works as advertised.

  • Inventories - Car Match can search dealer inventories to find cars equipped as you prefer. You simply walk in and buy the car equipped as you want, and do not have to listen to a dealer try to sell you an up-optioned model.

  • Unique Female / Male Needs – Female and Male car shoppers often have unique needs. For instance, women are often shorter / smaller in stature and may have difficulty seeing out of cars with high dashboard and sills and have a more difficult time with heaver controls, doors and steering. Car Match considers the unique needs of both men and women when making its recommendations.

  • And much more!

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