Car Match


Car Match was founded by Louis Sarok, a life-long auto enthusiast and writer. Louis and his family have been involved in various facets of the auto industry for over 30 years. This extended exposure to all things automotive allowed Louis to learn about both the technical aspects of cars, as well as the business of buying and selling them.

Throughout the years, Louis helped many friends and family members make their car purchasing decisions, and often guided them through the buying process. Several such friends found Louis' advice so useful, that they urged him to make his knowledge available to others. Realizing that generic car buying guides such as Consumer Reports Auto Buying Guide and Edmunds online New Car Buying Guide failed to account for car shopper’s individual needs and preferences in making their recommendations, Louis launched Car Match. Louis’ and Car Match’s goal is to make each car shopper feel like they have their own personal “car guy” walking them through the car shopping process.

The rest of the Car Match team is comprised of individuals with experience in auto sales, marketing and repair, as well as auto journalists and writers. They enjoy testing and reading / writing about cars, but more so, they relish empowering car shoppers with the information they need to make their next new or used car purchase a positive experience.

Would you like to learn more about Car Match and how Car Match can help you with your next new or used car purchase? Please e-mail us at We also welcome generic automotive questions and would be happy to answer them as best we can.